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50th site refitted: Innovative future concept of star petrol stations reaches project milestone


Elmshorn, 10th of December 2018 - ORLEN Deutschland GmbH is making great progress in implementing its new petrol station concept: The station at Altentreptower Straße 2 in Berlin is already the 50th site of the petrol station brand star that has been modernised and refitted. The first results are convincing: In addition to a significant increase in sales in the star café, longer stays were also noted.
ORLEN has become an all-round partner for mobile people.
In order to make star petrol stations future-proof for new customer needs, in particular the on-the-go supply, and for new mobility solutions, ORLEN Deutschland’s plans involve rolling-out the new petrol station concept, which started in 2017. From a classic petrol station with a shop, 200 of the more than 580 sites will become a gastronomic meeting place with a feel-good atmosphere. The concept has a modular design and is suitable for both small and large stations and thus for a large number of existing sites, so that most of the petrol station partners will accordingly benefit from it.
Holistic concept for star petrol stations
The concept combines refuelling and relaxing: The focus of the new design is on the gastronomic area. It is decorated in warm wood tones and invites to relax with various seating options for every occasion and for all target groups. The offer includes a clear core product range with an extended range of hot and cold snacks. There is also special coffee, which is served in cooperation with the traditional coffee company Dallmayr. In addition to this, new own-brand and self-service modules have been integrated.
The star shop usually maintains a little spatial separation from this area. It offers inexpensive and high-quality own-brand products for meals on the move and for car accessories. The entire shop is open and clear. star illustrates its affinity with the city using strong visual elements. Large-format pictures of tourist attractions in the respective city or region are not only a sign of local anchoring, but are also a commitment to the lived neighbourhood of the petrol stations.
In addition to the feel-good atmosphere, ORLEN Deutschland also provides customers with better information through a new kind of digitisation. For example, offers are conveyed attentively in real time at any time of the day. With digital signage elements especially developed for star, such as the innovative LED entrance portal, star is an innovator in the petrol station and retail sector. As a "gateway to the mobile human being", it enables a new form of category management that sets star apart in the industry.
The new concept also means more comfort and efficiency, especially with regard to car wash facilities, with digital services such as "Drive-In" and "Wash & Pay" to reduce waiting times. In addition, there are other services for customers depending on the demand situation on site, e.g. ATMs or DHL packet stations. Refuelling options for alternative fuels is also an integral component. For example, H2 stations are being tested and star is one of the first to promote combined AdBlue tank systems for passenger cars and trucks.
Positive results of the successful first project phase
After the conversion of the first 50 stations, expectations were far exceeded. There is a clear increase in the sales of coffee and bistro products. At many sites, a second coffee machine has already been set up due to the increase in customer numbers. The combination of service and self-service is also well received by the customers. The length of stay in the star cafés is also increasing considerably. star partners also benefit from the new concept and the increase in sales.
ORLEN is well on schedule: 200 stations by the end of 2021
The concept will be continuously expanded during the roll-out. In this way, the training for partners is being intensified at even shorter intervals in order to integrate them even better, and to further optimise the product and service range. The goal is to keep finding the ideal mix between proven and new products.
"For our organisation size, the already realised number of 50 stations in such a short time is unique," says Waldemar Bogusch, CEO of ORLEN Deutschland. "It shows how agile and flexible we are in the implementation of our projects. It is also very important for us to invest in petrol stations in smaller towns." In 2019, at least 40 additional petrol stations are to be rebuilt. The mark of 100 star stations is then expected to be achieved in the second half of the year and the 200th site is scheduled to be refitted by the end of 2021. "Until then, additional digital elements will be integrated into the concept and the networking of all petrol station services will be further expanded," adds Waldemar Bogusch.
Jennifer Bulst, the petrol station partner of the 50th site at Altentreptower Straße  in Berlin is enthusiastic about the renovation: "You can clearly see that star has focused on the needs of the customers. The team is also happy about the new work environment." Jennifer Bulst has been operating the site since January 2016. For her and her team, the modernisation is a big step, showing that star is the right partner and will remain so in the future.
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star – a strong brand from ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been on the German market since 2003 and is operating more than 580 petrol stations. The company, which is based in Elmshorn near Hamburg, is part of the Polish oil and energy group PKN ORLEN SA, which is the largest enterprise in Central Eastern Europe, with an annual turnover of EUR 23 billion in 2017.
PKN ORLEN is a modern player on the fuel and energy market and listed in the prestigious global lists Platts TOP250 and Thomson Reuters TOP100 of the leading energy and technology companies.
The company has a modern infrastructure capable of processing over 30 million tons of various types of oil per year. Retail sales are carried out using the largest fuel station network of nearly 2800 modern sites in Central and Eastern Europe.
ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
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