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A football pitch covered in sausages - star sells a bockwurst sausage every 36 seconds


Elmshorn, 19 May 2014 – If there were such a thing as a Bockwurst Championship, star petrol stations would do quite well. Strung together, the bockwurst sausages sold last year would stretch for 175 km – that's more than 500 times around a football pitch.
The bockwurst is one of the most beloved classics among the roughly 1,500 types of German sausages – and it's also very popular at star stations. Last year alone, a bockwurst was sold, on average, every 36 seconds in star cafés. The length of them, if strung together as a sausage chain, would stretch more than 500 times around a football pitch. If you took all of the roughly one million sausages sold, you could even cover the surface of an entire football field.
Innovation in star cafés: The new star, the bockwurst
When driving, the bockwurst is an uncomplicated food item in between meals. In Germany, it's even considered the most popular warm snack at petrol stations. To cater to the taste of customers even better, star developed its own bockwurst. The bockwurst is produced exclusively for star at Döllinghareico. The sausages supplied to star cafés are traditionally made with high-quality natural casings, called Saitling. The star bockwurst is offered in practical self-service modules so that each customer can select his or her own sausage. The star cafés are already integrated into the majority of the more than 550 petrol stations belonging to ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, offering customers the best-possible comfort and enjoyment.
star – a strong brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH 
star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been operating more than 550 petrol stations in the northern half of Germany since 2003. The company, which is based in Elmshorn, near Hamburg, is part of the Polish oil and petrochemicals group PKN ORLEN SA, which is the largest company in central-east Europe with an annual turnover of EUR 27 billion in 2013.
PKN ORLEN SA is listed on the Warsaw and London stock exchanges and is represented on the petrol station market in Eastern and Central Europe with a total of 2,700 petrol stations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania. In recent years, large investments have been made in Lithuania and the Czech Republic to bring the group a step closer to its goal of becoming the leading oil company in Central Europe.
ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
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