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A saviour in need


Elmshorn, 13 December 2016 – On your way to visit family at Christmas, right across the country, and the kids start to moan when you hit the first traffic hold-up? Parents-in-law coming by and there are no flowers on the table? Forgotten the cake to take to the Advent coffee party? In such cases, Germans know exactly where to turn for help. Over 50 percent of them confirm: Yes, I have occasionally been saved by a petrol station shop. This is the result of a survey conducted by the YouGov opinion research institute on behalf of star petrol stations.

Anyone who has ever taken children on holiday in a car will know that the petrol station shop can actually be the salvation for family harmony. A new comic, ice cream or snacks have shortened many a journey and saved parental nerves. And the toothpaste or similar bits and pieces that you forgot in the hustle and bustle are quickly acquired. So when they come to the question about the situation in which they have been rescued by a petrol station shop in the past, "Journey" takes the top spot for 27 percent of those surveyed.

But the petrol station shop also becomes a saviour in need in many classic situations that we all recognise. After all, we usually notice what we need when the supermarket is closed. Watching football on TV with friends and there's no beer in the house? No problem, 21 percent of those surveyed have already got something that they needed for a successful evening from the petrol station, when "friends came to call". And when its barbecue weather outside but there are no sausages or charcoal, then it's off to the nearest petrol station. At least 20 percent of those surveyed admitted that, so "Barbecue" came in third place.

Another rescue situation, "Visiting family", was chosen by 12 percent of those surveyed (4th place), because after all nobody wants to stand there on the relatives' doorstep without flowers or cake. In contrast the Germans are generally well prepared for dates: Only 5 percent (5th place) have ever ensured a romantic evening for two with a bottle of wine from the petrol station.

The needs of the customer are served by star petrol stations with a wide range of shop items and useful own-brand products for consumption on the road, offering excellent value for money. Looking at the results of the survey, Wieslaw Milkiewicz, Managing Director and press spokesperson for star petrol stations, says, "We are of course delighted when we can help our customers out of a jam. After all, who doesn't like to be a saviour in need?"

The data used here are based on a representative online survey, in which 2,027 people aged 18 or over took part between 28.09.2016 and 30.09.2016.

star – a Strong Brand from ORLEN Deutschland GmbH

star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been running over 570 filling stations in northern Germany since 2003. The company, based in Elmshorn near Hamburg, is part of the Polish mineral oil and petrochemical group PKN ORLEN SA, which is the largest Central Eastern European group, with an annual turnover of 21 billion euros in 2015.
PKN ORLEN SA is listed on the stock exchanges in Warsaw and London and is represented on the petrol station market in Eastern and Central Europe with a total of 2,700 petrol stations in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. In recent years, large investments have been made in Lithuania and the Czech Republic in order to bring the group a step closer to its goal of becoming the leading oil company in Central Europe.
ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
Wieslaw Milkiewicz / Managing Director and Press Spokesperson
Tel.: +49(0)4121 / 4750 - 1609,
Andreas Khan / Head of Marketing & PR
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