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Fit for every kilometre – 7 energy tips from star petrol stations


Elmshorn, 9th of September 2019 – as soon as the summer holidays are over, Germany begins gearing up for the next break in autumn. In order to stay relaxed and fit during the long car journey to the next holiday destination, star has teamed up with national handball player, Patrick Wiencek from THW Kiel, to put together seven energy tips for motorists. As a professional athlete, Wiencek knows that success depends on the right mix of exercise and nutrition. These tips can be used by anyone, any time, and
without any special equipment.

Germans took more than 70 million holidays last year and according to the data portal, Statista, 45% rated cars as their favourite form of transportation. This trend is increasing: The number is expected to rise to 47% this year.1 This is of course not possible without taking breaks. But how can you use your breaks properly in order to be fit for the next leg of your journey?

Click here​ to find GIFs and videos which summarize all recommendations made by Patrick Wiencek and star petrol stations (password: star). 

Tip 1: Take a break and rest

star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 1 - Ruhen_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpgThe ADAC recommends taking a short break every two hours during long car journeys, and taking a longer break during lunchtime.2 Even a short power nap of up to 20 minutes can leave you feeling refreshed and recharged. Especially when driving at night, there is the danger that your brain will continuously try and switch to sleep mode – which can have fatal consequences.
Tip from the pro: Drinking a cup of coffee before your power nap, for example from the star Bistro, won’t prevent you from falling asleep as the caffeine takes effect after about 30 minutes. Instead, the coffee helps you wake up easier and you can continue your journey full of energy.

1 Source: Number of holiday makers and means of transportation of German holiday makers, Statista 2019
2 Source: Schedule regular breaks, ADAC 2017

Tip 2: Side neck stretches

Regular breaks are particularly important to loosen stiff muscles. Your neck often becomes tense due to incorrect posture. 
Tip from the pro: Tilt your head to the right and reach over your head to your left temple with your right hand. Continue bending your head to the right while gently pressing your left arm down. You should feel a stretch in the left side of your neck muscles. Hold this position three to five seconds and repeat three times per side.
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 2 - Seitliche Nackendehnung_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Tip 3: Active neck and shoulder relaxation

In addition to long journeys, bad weather, traffic, and the like often lead to unintentional cramping of the shoulders and neck. This can lead to headaches and loss of concentration. 
To relax these areas, the pro recommends: Tilt your chin toward your chest and while in this position, turn your head slowly from left to right. Keep your shoulders still during this exercise. Repeat eight to ten times.
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 3 - Aktive Nacken- und Schulterentspannung_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Tip 4: Strengthen shoulder muscles

To bring new energy to your shoulders after stretching and relaxing, this next tip from the pro strengthens your shoulder muscles for the coming kilometres. Hold an item in each hand, such as a full water bottle. Begin with your arms extended and hanging straight down. Your palms should face your body. Now raise your extended arms sideways to shoulder height. Keep your shoulders low. Return to the starting position. Repeat two to six times.
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 4 - Schultermuskulatur kräftigen_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Tip 5: Thigh and calf muscle stretch

Your legs are also put under stress during long journeys. They need to be actively relaxed especially after longer stop-and-go traffic.
The pro recommends: Stretch one leg forward. Rest your weight on the rear, bent leg. Support yourself with both hands on your thighs. Now bend slightly forward with your back straight. You should feel a stretch in your hamstrings and calves. Hold the position briefly and repeat ten times per side.
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 5 - Oberschenkel- und Waden dehnen_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Note: Moving around in the fresh air during breaks boosts the oxygen supply and increases concentration.​

Tip 6: Drink water and juice spritzers
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 6 - Wasser und Saftschorle trinken_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Concentration can suffer when your body needs fluids. Regular drinking is critical, especially on long journeys. 
Water and sparkling juice beverages are recommended to replenish fluids. Incidentally, these drinks are available as inexpensive private label products in the nearly 600 star petrol stations and were once again noted for their exceptional value for money by the “Handelsblatt” in 2019. star shops and star Bistros also carry private label energy drinks and coffee for a quick energy kick. If you want to consider the environment, star petrol stations also have their own private label reusable cup, made of stainless-steel.

Tip 7: Eat light snacks during breaks
star Tankstelle_Fit auf jedem Kilometer_Tipp 7 - Leichte Snacks zwischendurch_®ORLEN Deutschland.jpg

Instead of eating a full meal, you should eat a light meal before beginning your journey, and then plan small snacks for your breaks to refill your energy stores. 
Recommended snacks include fruit, vegetable sticks, or nuts. In contrast to chocolate bars and candy, these snacks contain more healthy nutrients and help you avoid short-term high energy boosts which are followed by drastic energy lows.

By following these star energy tips, you’ll be ready for your next long journey – star petrol stations wish you a pleasant trip.

star – a strong brand from ORLEN Deutschland GmbH

star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been on the German market since 2003 and is operating more than 580 petrol stations. The company, which is based in Elmshorn near Hamburg, is part of the Polish oil and energy group PKN ORLEN S.A., which is the largest enterprise in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), with an annual turnover of EUR 25 billion in 2018.

PKN ORLEN is a leading player on the fuel and energy market and is listed in prestigious global rankings such as Fortune Global 500, Platts TOP250 and Thompson Reuters TOP100.

The Group owns state-of-the-art integrated infrastructure, capable of producing more than 35 million tonnes of various crude oil types per annum and of marketing its products through the CEE-region’s largest network of more than 2,800 modern petrol stations. PKN ORLEN’s offering includes over 50 top-quality petrochemical and refining products sold in more than 90 countries around the world on 6 continents. 60 percent of the company's revenues are generated outside the country.

For the last few years, ORLEN has been established as the most valuable brand in Poland. PKN ORLEN is also the only company in the region that has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘The Most Ethical Company’ for the sixth time in a row by the American Ethisphere Institute.

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