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How Germans Go Shopping – Purchasing at the Gas Station


Elmshorn, Germany 6. November 2014 – Around 58 percent of all Germans shop at gas stations, and this figure increases to 72 percent for 18- to 24-year olds. This is usually a place where smaller purchases are made. To do their main shopping, Germans still tend to go the supermarket. The YouGov market research institute generated these findings from a survey that they had been asked to carry out by the star gas station company.
Germans shop at gas stations most frequently in the afternoon (17 percent), while 19 percent shop there in the evening. Late at night, it is mainly 18-34 year olds who can be found in the gas station shops (14 percent; German average: 8 percent).

More people in the household – more purchases at the gas station
It is not only age that influences peoples’ purchasing decisions at the gas station, but their family circumstances: A higher proportion of customers who live together with their partner – 26 percent – go shopping in the evening. The size of the household plays a fundamental role in purchasing behavior. The more people living in a household, the more regularly they shop at gas stations (>five people per household = 77 percent, one person
per household = 51 percent).

Men find it more convenient than women
The requirements of different people and groups are reflected in their motives for going shopping: When it comes to buying smaller items, 39 percent of those questioned shop at the gas station only when they have to fill up. Twenty-eight percent shop at the gas station if they are out in the car anyway, 25 percent take advantage of the long opening times to shop, and 11 percent still admit to shopping at a nearby gas station out of convenience. However, the question of convenience is one that divides the sexes: While 14 percent of men admit to shopping at the gas station out of convenience, only 8 percent of women do the same.

Good service and a wide product selection in the star shop
“The results of the survey confirmed the appeal of the star gas stations that has been generated by our day-to-day work and consumers taking advantage of our product range,” explains star director and spokesman,
Wieslaw Milkiewicz. “We focus on meeting customer demand through our service and wide range of purchasing possibilities.”

In the star shop, consumers can find every star own-brand product as well as a wide range of branded products from other manufacturers. By also offering own-brand products in the gas station shop, such as the star energy drink, star water, or the star hot-dog, star aims to provide its customers with good value for money. The star cafés, which have already been integrated into two-thirds of the 550+ ORLEN Deutschland GmbH gas stations, serve warm and cold meals as well as a range of different hot drinks and soft drinks as a snack for the road.
Information about the survey:
The information in the survey was gathered by the YouGov market research
institute. The size of the sample is 1049. The survey was carried out from 15
October 2014 to 17 October 2014. The information was gathered by means of an
online survey. The results are weighted and are representative of the German
population over 18 years old.
star – a strong brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been operating more than 550 petrol stations in the northern half of Germany since 2003. The company, which is based in Elmshorn, near Hamburg, is part of the Polish oil and petrochemicals group PKN ORLEN SA, which is the largest company in central Eastern Europe with an annual turnover of EUR 27 billion in 2013.

PKN ORLEN SA is listed on the stock exchanges in Warsaw and London and is represented on the petrol station market in Eastern and Central Europe with a total of 2,700 petrol stations in Germany, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. In recent years, large investments have been made in Lithuania and the Czech Republic in order to bring the group a step closer to its goal of becoming the leading oil company in Central Europe.

ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
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