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ORLEN Germany sponsors handball league team THW Kiel


Press Release Pact of champions sealed and delivered:
ORLEN Germany sponsors handball league team THW Kiel Elmshorn

Elmshorn, 1 September 2011 – The likeable new star duo is perfect as petroleum company ORLEN Germany expands its sponsoring commitment to sport to become the official partner to THW Kiel. The agreement was signed on 26 August during the “Unser Norden Cup” tournament in Kiel and sees the two popular northern lights acting in concert in future. Both the “star” service station brand and the record-holders of the German Premier Handball League have a huge following in the north of the country. The new partnership is designed to underpin this as it enables ORLEN Deutschland GmbH to strengthen its links to its home region of Schleswig- Holstein and its presence among the population. Among the measures serving this will be stadium hoardings for TV, joint campaigns at star service stations and online measures. THW Kiel is considered a top address on the indoor handball circuit. “We are extremely delighted that in the ‘Zebras’ we are not only able to support one of the most successful, but also one of the best-loved teams in international handball. THW Kiel has many fans around the world, but especially in north Germany of course – a genuine popular figure, just like the star brand,” says Wieslaw Milkiewicz, Director and Head of Marketing of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH. star is one of north Germany’s most popular service station chains. The partners are also perfectly matched in another respect, forming in effect a German-Polish “one-two pass”. After all, the Polish parent of ORLEN Germany, oil and petrochemical group PKN ORLEN S.A., is the main sponsor of Polish handball champion Wisła Płock, with which THW Kiel has been in close partnership since last season. It has seen THW Kiel play in the ORLEN Cup in the Polish city of Płock and Wisła Płock pay a return visit to contest the “Unser Norden Cup” in Kiel. “It’s great that a business partnership has now emerged with ORLEN Germany that will benefit both for time to come,” says Marcel Klein, Head of Marketing for THW Kiel.
 THW Kiel Vertragsunterzeichnung - C. Sievers - M. Kubisztal -  Dr. J. Niedworok - W. Milkiewicz - M. Ahlm - M. Klein
 THW Kiel Vertragsunterzeichnung - W. Milkiewicz - S. Holdorf-Schust - Dr. J. Niedworok
THW Kiel Mannschaftsbild

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