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Two brand strategy at ORLEN Deutschland


Elmshorn, 18. October 2021 – ORLEN Deutschland GmbH is expanding and opting for a two brand strategy in Germany. In the near future, customers will be able to fill up at both star stations and ORLEN stations. The company currently operates almost 600 petrol stations throughout Germany. The vast majority of stations run by the name 'star', but more and more ORLEN stations are on their way.
Instead of a ‘star’, customers are now greeted by an ‘eagle's head’ on the attica at more and more stations. In addition to the ORLEN petrol stations in Hamburg and the Seeberg-Ost motorway station, ORLEN stations are now also in the network in Dortmund, Neuss, Bremen and Flensburg after modernisation.

At the beginning of September, the CEO of ORLEN PKN S.A. Daniel Obajtek used a press briefing at the ORLEN station Seeberg-Ost in Neuenhagen near Berlin to make a clear commitment to Germany as a location. star and ORLEN: both brands supply the same high-quality fuels and offer the same excellent service to their customers. 

Over the past few years, ORLEN has established itself as the most valuable brand in Poland. As part of the 2030 Strategy of PKN ORLEN, the parent company of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, ORLEN will in future also be established as a strong brand outside of Poland. In other European countries, like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the affiliation of the petrol stations to the ORLEN Group is already clearly recognisable by the name. In future, the ‘ORLEN eagle’ will also gradually replace the ‘star’ symbol at German petrol stations. After raze and rebuilding, as well as at all new locations, it will decorate the atticas.

In addition to the petrol station business with its outstanding service, Polish delicacies in particular have proven popular in the shops and bistros of the star and ORLEN petrol stations. Customers enjoy hot dogs and “zapiekanka”, a Polish pizza baguette. These competencies are going to be further expanded in the future in order to continue writing the success story together. 

"We are proud to expand ORLEN brand in Germany. We are also offering more and more Polish products at our petrol stations. In this way, we also highlight our ties to our parent company on a culinary level,” says Waldemar Bogusch, CEO of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH.

star and ORLEN - the petrol stations of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH

ORLEN Deutschland GmbH was founded in March 2003. It is a 100% subsidiary of the Polish multi-energy corporation PKN ORLEN S.A. and part of the international ORLEN Group. The company currently operates almost 600 star and ORLEN petrol stations on the German market. ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, based in Elmshorn, is one of the ten largest petrol station operators in Germany and has been the main sponsor of German handball record champion THW Kiel since 2016.

According to the slogan "More than just cheap fuel", star and ORLEN petrol stations offer quality fuels as well as their own brand products at an attractive price-performance ratio. Customers also benefit from a cooperation with the German Automobile Club ADAC (instant discount of 1 cent per litre of petrol for members) or from the B2B-fleet-card and receive additional services such as car washing and parcel services at many stations. Filling stations with 'star café' and 'stop. café' invite you to take breaks in a feel-good atmosphere and offer coffee specialities, a large selection of tasty meals and hot and cold snacks all day long.

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ORLEN Deutschland GmbH 
Birgit Schmidt
Head of Corporate Communications

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