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Interested in hearing more about our company? Below you will find recent announcements and all press releases since 2003 available for download. We would be happy to provide further information on read more.​


Press Release

THW-YOUNGstar season

16-07-2018  | 

Germany-wide castings kick off the 2018/19 THW-YOUNGstar season - registrations possible starting immediately ... more »

A cheaper start to the holidays with star: five tips for saving fuel

10-07-2018  | 

Holidays mean travel: according to a recent survey, around 18 million people in Germany drove by car on holiday in the past year ... more »

Fill up once, save twice – ADAC members fill up for less at star

09-07-2018  | 

Elmshorn, 09 July 2018 – from now on, customers will be able to double their savings at star petrol stations. ... more »

A car is given a brilliant shine every 9 seconds at star

18-06-2018  | 

Munich, 14 June 2018 – The merry month of May? Not for cars. This year, pollen and insects have caused annoyance for many car drivers ... more »

Less waste and 3,000 euros for education measures and research into microplastics

15-06-2018  | 

star is contributing to stemming the flood of plastic cups and supporting the EU's plans to avoid plastic waste ... more »

UNITI expo 2018

25-05-2018  | 

The fast growing petrol station brand presented itself as innovative, service orientated and fit for the future at the industry trade fair, UNITI expo 2018 ... more »

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