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star and Dannemann persuade cigar fans with a high-quality, customised product presentation


Elmshorn, 2 August 2016 – Smokers who like to treat themselves to something special while on the road like to grab cigars, cigarillos and the like. In order to present these products in a manner befitting their quality and to encourage that impulse purchase, Dannemann has developed a new, especially high-quality counter display just for star.
In order to constantly enthuse customers and arouse their interest, they must be offered a select range which is also presented in a way that draws attention. So-called “brown goods” are perfectly pre-destined for this, because they are in demand among many smokers, thanks to the special enjoyment they offer. Furthermore, they are an important turnover generator. For this reason, star has had the former tobacco counter display redeveloped. The goal was to design a more modern module that arouses the interest of customers, promotes impulse purchases and is inferior to none in the quality of products on offer.
Since star petrol stations have been relying on Dannemann modules since 2012, the cigar manufacturer was able to prevail once again among the three largest producers in a creativity competition. Since last quarter the new, elaborate display customised for star petrol stations has put the products with promising margins into the proper light. It continues the successful collaboration in developing products for the point of sale and catches the eye by using genuine wood, modern lighting and a genuine MOODS tobacco insert in showcases made of Plexiglas.
The particularly top-class impression thus generated is ideally combined with the integrated mixed range. The module is designed in such a way that both promising trend products and those strong in market share can be displayed equally on an integrated promotion space.
“Cigar and cigarillo retail is becoming more and more important for our petrol station partners, which is why we especially want to support them in this,” says Wieslaw Milkiewicz, Managing Director and Press Spokesman for star petrol stations. “Dannemann’s design won us over, above all thanks to its atmospheric appeal. We are able to offer our customers a visual highlight above and beyond the products themselves when they are on the lookout for high-quality tobacco goods at star,” he says, explaining the decision for the newly developed counter display.
star – a Strong Brand from ORLEN Deutschland GmbH
star is the petrol station brand of ORLEN Deutschland GmbH, which has been running over 570 filling stations in northern Germany since 2003. The company, based in Elmshorn near Hamburg, is part of the Polish mineral oil and petrochemical group PKN ORLEN SA, which is the largest Central Eastern European group, with an annual turnover of 21 billion euros in 2015.
PKN ORLEN SA is listed on the Warsaw and London stock exchanges and is represented on the petrol station market in Eastern and Central Europe with a total of 2,700 petrol stations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania. In recent years, large investments have been made in Lithuania and the Czech Republic to bring the group a step closer to its goal of becoming the leading oil company in Central Europe.
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