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CONNECT – the new procurement platform at ORLEN Deutschland GmbH

CONNECT, a new platform by the ORLEN Group, is an innovative e-purchasing system that is set to entirely replace the written tender forms. In ORLEN Deutschland’s future procurement processes, it will be the only way to access invitations to tender and to submit bids. The newly implemented solution will facilitate the integration and optimisation of purchasing processes, while also giving new suppliers access.

The tool can be found at and covers a comprehensive procurement process that ranges from processing tenders and conducting procurement procedures to participating in negotiations and online auctions.

The use of
 the CONNECT tool offers significant benefits for both ORLEN Deutschland GmbH suppliers and buyers, providing fast, regular and clear information on all ongoing tendering procedures in any of the 14 procurement categories of the CONNECT platform: Administration and General Purchasing; Capital Expenditures; IT and Telecommunications; Logistics; Petroleum; Fuel Stations; Energy and Fuels; Raw Materials and Chemicals; Renovation and Operational Services; Professional Services; Equipment and Spare Parts, Services at Storage Facilities; Protection of Persons and Property, Measurement Infrastructure.

Following registration on the platform, suppliers will automatically be informed of tenders in the categories they are interested in.

within the CONNECT purchasing platform include ORLEN Deutschland GmbH as well as the following companies of the ORLEN Capital Group: PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Lietuva, ORLEN Oil, Anwil, IKS Solino, ORLEN Asfalt, Unipetrol, ORLEN Oil, ORLEN KolTrans, ORLEN Projekt, ORLEN Administracja, ORLEN Eko, ORLEN Paliwa, ORLEN Południe, ORLEN Serwis; ORLEN Upstream, ORLEN Laboratorium, ORLEN Ochrona, ORLEN Budonaft, ORLEN Centrum Serwisowe, ORLEN Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych, Energa and ORLEN Service Ceská republika.

For more detailed information about how the system is operated and how to use it, please visit the CONNECT platform website

Please register to use the
platform.​​​​​​​​​ and find here the Code of Conduct for ORLEN Group Suppliers_EN .pdfCode of Conduct for ORLEN Group Suppliers.pdf